Friday, 18 of April of 2014

Intra-Family Mediation

Intra-Family mediation is a dispute resolution process that brings the family together to resolve conflicts. During this process, acceptable solutions are developed that benefit the parties involved. It is non-adversarial in nature and the parties determine the outcomes. The mediator will help the family voice their concerns, facilitate open communication, clarify any misunderstandings and assist the parties in finding new ways to manage conflict in the future. Intra-Family mediation is facilitative in nature. Mediators will attempt to facilitate the voluntary resolution of the dispute(s) expressed by the parties involved. Although the mediator may suggest ways of resolving the dispute, he or she will not impose their judgment on the issues discussed. The participating child(ren) must be between the ages of 12-17 years old.

Intra-Family conflict mediation involves fostering communication between conflicting parties, problem solving, and creating agreements that meet their underlying needs. We strive to help the partiestrain the client in developing the skills to reach the win-win scenario, where all of the parties involved can walk away satisfied.